Logo Development

The pursuit of Perfection

Branding and logo development is an intense passion for Amplitude. We successfully will into being a marque that is the celebration of historical reference, etymology, metaphor and visual creativity. Amplitude designs logos for longevity and relevance that survive the test of time and fashion. Branding and Logo PDF →

The process of finding the perfect branding

1. Discovery meeting. 2. Create letter forms and graphics based upon thorough research of historical and stylistic trends. 3. Shortlist studies for formal presentation including detailed reasoning of the design direction for each. 4. Choose one or more and further explore/refine. This process is repeated on average three times until the desired logo has been selected. 5. Ensure additional mechanical criteria is taken into consideration so that the logo becomes easily readable at the very large (e.g., for print) as well as the very small (e.,g., for web). Branding for environmental graphics such as signage has a unique set of rules that do not apply in print or web graphics. Variables and issues such as scale, lighting, and lines of sight come into play. Engineering considerations also greatly influence what can be done with the sign including fastening, electrics, ease of manufacture and use of materials for maximum longevity for exposure to the elements.