Photography & Compositing

print and web
Sometimes, things are best said with a great photograph – and stock just won’t do.

A well planned and executed photograph holds the power to communicate beyond words. The fundamental design language we have with print and web design is evident in our commercial photography where it communicates a sense of form and aesthetic that is clean, sumptuous, inviting, uncluttered and highly imaginative and creative. A great photograph stirs your emotions and makes you want/believe what’s in it. Seeing simplicity can be complex in how it was done. We have much technical experience with digital and film equipment to successfully deliver any commercial photographic campaign on budget and on time.

The Illusion is real

We create a world which once wasn’t there. From fantastical to subtle, Amplitude can digitally composite any situation or subject to eloquently convey what you need to say visually. Most often, the critical work we do in digital remastering and compositing involves ‘cleaning up’ of an existing image or series of images or restoration. Trees are removed or added – so are people, objects, buildings, begonias, lizards and cars. Bad skin tone, garment wrinkles with bad lighting can turn into a depiction of vibrant health with perfectly ironed clothing bathed in cathedral lighting. If it can be imagined or desired, we can create it for you digitally with our compositing expertise.

Amplitude creates and edits visual reality

• Digital restoration
• Color timing and gamma correction
• Remove/add elements
• Background/foreground editing
• Create a new world/scene
• Augmentation and visualization